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Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software

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  • Remote engineering and support with WebAccess Cloud Architecture
  • HTML5 Intelligence Dashboard – cross browser, cross platform data analysis and user interface based on HTML5 technology
  • Open Interface – Web Services ( RESTful API & SignalR), Widget Interface and WebAccess APIs
  • Supports ample drivers, including Advantech I/O, controller and major PLCs
  • Converts field data to Modbus, OPC DA, OPC UA or BACnet protocol to integrate with 3rd party software such as ERP and MES
  • Multiple Projects – Run multiple SCADA Nodes in one PC at the same time.
  • HTTPS Enabled for Web Security
  • Integration with WebAccess/IVS
  • Google Maps and GPS location tracking integration
  • Distributed SCADA architecture with central database server and Multi-layer inter-operable SCADA nodes
  • Redundant SCADA, ports and devices for high availability
  • Advanced SCADA Function: Alarm, Schedule and Real-time database

Datasheet (PDF) Manual/ Driver/ BIOS/ FAQ

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Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). All the features found in
conventional HMI and SCADA software including Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in an standard web browser. WebAccess
is built around the latest internet technologies. The basic components are:
1. SCADA Node: it communicates in real-time with automation equipment and controls the equipment via serial, Ethernet or proprietary communication via multiple built-in device
drivers. Not only does it run local controls and monitoring, but also provides real-time data to all remote clients.
2. Project Node: it is the development platform for WebAccess and is a web server for all clients to connect to the development project or remotely monitor and control the system.
All system configuration, project database files and graphics are stored here.
3. Client node: through the ActiveX control inside Microsoft Internet Explorer, it monitors and controls the SCADA Node. The client connects to the Project Node and get the
address of the SCADA Node, then communicates directly with the SCADA Node using proprietary communications over a TCP/IP connection. Data is displayed in real-time with
dynamically animated graphics along with real-time, historical trending and alarm information. Users can acknowledge alarms and change set-points, status and other data.
4. Mobile Client: the Mobile Client interface is intended for use with smart mobile devices, such as iOS, Android; and Windows mobile devices. In the mobile client users can
browse graphics, data-log trends, and tag information in real-time. Set value to tag or acknowledge alarms can also be supported via an intuitive interface.
WebAccess 8.1 can act as an IIoT Platform by providing open interfaces for partners to develop IoT applications for different vertical markets. In addition to the basic function of
traditional SCADA software, WebAccess 8.1 releases a new generation of WebAccess HMI. Business Intelligence Dashboard, provides users with cross-platform, cross-browser data
analysis and user interface based on HTML5 technology.