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Cash Flow Analyzer Pro™
Multi-Unit Marketing and Analysis Flyers

If you list or invest in multi-unit residential or commercial properties (or want to), this software is all you'll ever need.  In less than 10 minutes, even novices can create professional marketing and analysis flyers guaranteed to impress clients and lenders alike.  These flyers are specifically designed to analyze the profitability of investing in residential and commercial rental properties.  And all calculations are performed for you automatically!    Please see complete description at Cash Flow Analyzer Pro .

Real Estate Investment Analysis™ (Professional)
Income Property Investment Analysis

This program creates a complete 20-year projection on virtually any type of residential or commercial income-producing property. Since 1982, REIA has been the industry standard in analysis software. Your time, investment capital, and professionalism are too important to risk on a "do-it-yourself" investment spreadsheet! It's endorsed by the National Real Estate Investors Association.

Even a computer novice can evaluate the potential profitability of any commercial or residential income property in just minutes. Construct a straightforward analysis or a highly sophisticated investment scenario. It's a must whether you are deciding to purchase, sell, finance or refinance of any property type.   Now even supports hotels, motels and self-storage facilities!

REIA produces a complete cash flow, tax and resale analysis, allowing you to enter assumptions about the purchase and project the before and after-tax benefits of ownership and resale. Considers purchase price; adjustable or fixed rate financing; capital improvements; vacancy and credit loss; amortization of loan points, fees and closing costs; reserves against negative cash flow; operating expenses; depreciation; federal tax calculations, partial first year, resale analysis and much more.

REIA produces a comprehensive 20 year projection of income, expenses, resale, taxes and rate of return. In just seconds, it will supply you with the answers to the most difficult financial calculations. It organizes mountains of property data and assumptions and produces detailed presentation-quality reports. Take these impressive reports to your bank, buyer, client or potential investors. Your reports can include graphs, 2D and 3D charts, and optional color.

REIA also gives you numerous measures of investment quality, such as internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return, capitalization rate, cash-on-cash return, debt coverage ratio, return on equity and net present value. Includes a powerful lease-by-lease income summary that will analyze the profitability of any multi-tenant property. Also includes amortization schedules, hold vs. sell analysis, refinancing analysis, passive loss and capital gain analysis, lease vs. buy analysis, and many more features.

Now includes a complete partnership analysis! Previously sold separately for 5, this program is an indispensable tool for analyzing any income property to be bought, held, and sold as a general or limited partnership or LLC. It produces professional and detailed reports to present to your lender or potential investors.

The program performs a complete before and after-tax property analysis, detailing income, expenses, financing, cash flows, reserves, improvements and potential resale. The program allows you to enter assumptions about how you will allocate income, cash flows and sale proceeds to the general and limited partners, as well as a preferred return for the limited partners. It quickly produces a capital account analysis for the general and limited partners, showing their investment, cash flow, taxable income and ultimate profit, all on a year to year basis. Now allows up to four tiers for distributions!

New in this version are: more reports and graphs; sensitivity analysis (purchase price testing); lease by lease income summary; rent roll report; Real Estate Business Plan (presentation quality report); Executive Summary; more flexible financing options; user-defined schedule for the application of funded reserves; user-defined resale value; Decision Maker module (play "what-if" with assumptions); complete glossary; more extensive "cell notes"; rehabilitation tax credits; the new Taxpayer Relief Act capital gains rules; and much more. You can now produce any report in PDF format for convenient e-mailing to a client, lender, or broker.

Includes a complete user's manual in PDF format (fully searchable), unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Continually updated with the latest tax code. REIA requires MS Excel (not included). Reserve your copy today.

"The program is easy to learn and use with good documentation and is very reasonably priced as compared with other similar ran flawlessly..." Suncoast Real Estate Review

For sample reports: Click Here
For screenshots: Click Here

Requirements: Windows: Any Windows operating system running MS Excel 2002 or greater, any Windows printer. Mac: Any Macintosh running MS Excel 2004 or 2011.

Commercial/Industrial Development™
New Project Cost Analysis

This program performs a complete project cost analysis for any new residential or commercial income property. It produces comprehensive and professional reports that demonstrate the viability of a proposed project and support the developer's request for financing. It is suitable for analyzing a single building or group of buildings. This program is sure to help you get financing and impress potential investors.

Simply enter the data, and the program produces a complete project cost analysis in seconds! Describe any income-producing project in tremendous detail: land, hard costs, soft costs, financing, leasing, operation, resale, and much more. The Budget Pro Forma Report summarizes land, development, architectural, financing, construction and lease-up costs, as well as a first-year operating statement. This professional 7-page report is automatically generated and printed at the click of a button. "What-if" calculations are as simple as re-typing an entry on the screen.

The development loan can be based on total project cost, on the maximum loan a project can support, on a capitalization of income, a loan to value ratio, or simply on a user-specified amount. Similarly, you can specify the project's actual rental income or a required capitalization rate, and the program will estimate the rental income needed to achieve that rate.

Developers often use Commercial/Industrial Development to produce a budget pro forma for their project's development phase, and then use Real Estate Investment Analysis (above) to demonstrate the project's viability as a long-term income stream.

The program is tremendously flexible. Land may be treated as part of the developer's equity or as a cost of development. Land financing can be separate or absorbed within the development loan. You can now produce any report in PDF format for convenient e-mailing to a client, lender or broker. Requires MS Excel (not included). Includes a complete searchable user's guide (which may be printed), unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Get your copy today.

Developers should also see On Schedule for cash flow management, and CD Estimator for estimating.

For sample screen shots of this program, Click Here

Requirements: Windows: Any Windows operating system running MS Excel 2002 or greater, any Windows printer. Mac: Any Macintosh running MS Excel 2011.

Pro Flipper™
Easily Analyze Any Flip!

Do you "flip" properties or do quick-turn investments? If so, Pro Flipper will instantly tell you if any deal is worth your time. Unlike other long-term analysis programs, Pro Flipper is specifically designed to analyze the profitability of short-term investments. Evaluate any property on a month-to-month basis and determine your exact profit upon resale. Investing in flips requires a lot of numbers-crunching, and this program ensures you don't overlook anything! It's ideal for any investor in foreclosures or distressed properties, flippers, and rehabbers.

Now you can quickly and easily:

  • Determine the true value of any property and avoid overpaying!
  • Forecast any property's cash flow for up to 24 months
  • See the effects of repairs (and capital improvements) on overall profitability
  • Determine the best month to sell the property, and your exact profit upon resale
  • Calculate how much rent to charge during your pre-determined holding period
  • Allow for foreclosure and below-market purchases, and so much more!

Extremely easy to use, simply enter all known figures in the pre-set fields: asking price, rents, expenses, mortgages, holding period, repairs, capital improvements, etc. The program performs all calculations instantly and tells you if the deal is worth your time (and money!) It's incredibly flexible: you may analyze properties with unlimited units; add expenses/repairs/improvements in any month(s); allow for up to 3 new or assumed loans (conventional, adjustable and/or interest-only!), even unleveraged; and so much more. 

The program calculates all required financial ratios: IRR, cash on cash return, cap rate, debt coverage, debt service, debt to equity, loan to value, etc. It even calculates the updated state and federal capital gain tax benefits of your proposed flip. "What-if" calculations are a breeze.  Simply change any variable(s) and click "re-calculate" as much as you want!

Instantly print presentation-quality reports for any lender or investor, including: 24-month cash-flow and tax analysis; 7 different graphs and charts of key profitability indicators; amortization schedules; and more.  Includes unlimited toll-free technical support and on-screen user manual (which may be printed). Requires Microsoft Excel (not included). Pro Flipper will make your investing faster, easier and more profitable.  If you don't agree, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. See also Flipping Houses. Order now.

For sample reports: Click Here

Requirements: Windows: Any IBM PC or compatible running Microsoft Excel for Windows (2003 or later), CD-ROM drive, any Windows compatible printer. Mac: Any Macintosh running Microsoft Excel (2004 or 2011).

On Schedule™
Subdivision and Condominium Feasibility Planning

On Schedule is the tool of choice for developers who need cash-flow planning and feasibility analysis for housing subdivisions, land developments, condominium projects, or any project that is built and sold in stages.  It will help you easily itemize construction and development costs, plan your development loan draws and repayments, and estimate project absorption and overall rate of return.  Lenders and prospective investors insist on this information before they will finance any project!

Simply enter all of your assumptions and the program instantly creates detailed reports such as: Project Overview, Monthly/Total Cashflow, Partnership Presentation, Construction Costs, Construction Cost Allocation, Loan Analysis, Project Absorption, Development Absorption, Project Executive Summary, Partnership Executive Summary, Gantt Charts, and so much more.  All reports may be printed or e-mailed in PDF format to any colleague, lender or partner.  New in this version are a number of enhanced graphs and charts. The Gantt chart displays timelines of monthly development loan draws and payments as well as of units under construction, sold or settled. 

The program handles complex cash inflows and outflows for up to 120 months and helps you produce a month-by-month plan for drawing, using, and repaying any development loan.  This is one of the most complicated and important tasks a developer must perform.  Play "what if" with ease.  You may bring investors into your deal in either general or limited partnerships or LLCs. You can schedule distributions to the investors on a monthly basis and even provide a preferred return. 

Configure your development loan as either a revolving line of credit or a cumulative draw.  In each month you can tell the software to use a portion of cash from unit sales and/or rental income (for condo conversions) to repay the loan.  You may specify up to eight different unit types, each with its own construction costs, schedule, selling price and absorption plan.  You can also specify a certain amount of working capital to be held in reserve.

Easily vary your selling schedule as well as your monthly costs to compare "best case" and "worst case" scenarios.  The program will also help you determine the best month in which to retire the loan.  Based upon your assumptions, the program will forecast the absorption of the project, and the monthly cash inflows and outflows.  The program also estimates how much of the development loan must be drawn each month to meet costs, and monitors the status of the development loan each month.     

Includes a complete user's guide (which may be printed), unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee.  Requires Microsoft Excel (not included).  See also Commercial/Industrial Development and CD Estimator.  Shop around.  Similar programs would cost you well over ,000!  Order now.

For sample reports and screen shots: Click Here

Requirements: Windows: IBM PC or compatible running Microsoft Excel 2002 or later (not included). Mac: Any Macintosh running MS Excel 2004 or 2011.

How to Evaluate an Income-Property Investment™
6-Part Video Series

Do you know how to create and interpret a real estate investment pro forma?  This is one of the most critical skills for any investor.   Finally, a video series that demystifies the entire process.  Determine if that project is really worth your time and money.  Start by downloading the written case study, a mixed-use property.   Then watch the videos at your own pace.

Video #1: The Quick Analysis.  Take a look at some of the key numbers to decide if the property deserves a closer examination (run time 16:32)

Video #2: Residential and Commercial Revenue.   Our mixed-use property has revenue from both residential and commercial units, which may include step increases, expense recoveries, tenant improvement allowances, and more. (14:46)

Video #3: Real Estate Operating Expenses. A detailed look at operating expenses, costs, and the classification thereof. (13:45)

Video #4: Cash Flow.  In-depth look at our property's first cash flow, operating cash flows, funded reserves, taxes, assumptions and final profit upon sale. (12:54)

Video #5: The Key Metrics.  Calculation of taxable income, debt coverage ratio, depreciation, funded reserves, capital improvements, and profit upon resale. (12:16)

Video #6: Investment Stress Test and Partnership.   Playing "what if" to yield an acceptable internal rate of return, alternate financing, capitalization rate, partnership considerations, equity investors, and more. (16:08)

One bad decision could cost you a whole lot more than the price of this package!  Requires Internet access.  Order now.

The Lease Purchase Handbook™
Analyze any Deal in Seconds!

If you invest in lease-options, this unique program will rescue you from hours of complicated numbers crunching.  The software calculates your exact up-front profit, back-end profit, and monthly cash flow, no matter how your deals are structured!  You also get all the deal-tested forms and contracts you'll need to ensure your deals go smoothly and profitably.  Please see complete description at The Lease Purchase Handbook.

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