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How Far Will You Go to Give?: Judaism and Organ Donation

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, President and Dean, Valley Beit Midrash

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What Makes People Stand Up, Say Hineini, and Lead?

Adam Simon, Senior Director of Leadership Initiatives, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

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The BirthRATE Program

Naomi Less, Facilitator, Educator, and Musician

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No More Standing Idly By: Ending Child Abuse

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Founder/Director, Project Y.E.S.

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How to Make a Soul: Living the Jewish Story

Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein, Executive Director, 14th St. Y

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Building a Holy Playground: When Leaders Stop Controlling and Start Trusting

Karina Zilberman, Director, Shababa Network at the 92nd St. Y

ELI Talks

ELI Talks Inspired Jewish Ideas

ELI Talks are 12 minute presentations covering innovative ideas and inspiring concepts exploring Jewish engagement, literacy and identity. ELI Talks are meant to inspire Jewish people to become active participants of Jewish life and community – they are the starting point for new dialogue and exploration within the Jewish community. The innovative ideas presented in the talks provide food for thought, sparking follow up discussions and activities that encourage investment in Jewish life.


After you watch or engage in an ELI Talk, you walk away with a new perspective and motivated for action to advance your Jewish community.

Failure, to Launch: The Upside of Falling Down Rabbi Josh Joseph Senior Vice President,...

Our fear of failure is holding us back, argues Rabbi Josh Joseph. We need to look at failure as the price of pushing for growth and development and think about what we would do if we weren't to fail.

Jewish Perspectives on Happiness Dr. David Pelcovitz Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in...

What makes us happy? Combining science with Jewish thought, Dr. David Pelcovtiz shows how the new learning about happiness is old news to Jewish thinkers who have passed this wisdom down to our people.

Social Intelligence: Foundation for Jewish Living Dr. Rona Novick Director of the Fanya...

Dr. Rona Novick illuminates how social/emotional intelligence is essential for each of us to successfully live out the values and mitzvot of our tradition and asks us how we value, teach and model social skills

Patience and Process Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter University Professor of Jewish History and...

"Are we there yet?" isn't just a question kids ask. If you want to have something that matters, something that is lasting, you have to have patience, says Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter.

Jewish Educational Leadership with Soul Marc Baker Head of Gann Academy–The New Jewish...

Marc Baker affirms that Jewish literacy and general leadership skills should be taught and evaluated in a holistic (not bifarcated) way, especially among Jewish educators.

From Birthright to Renaissance: Our Historic Opportunity Barry Shrage President of...

Barry Shrage argues that Birthright is the 'miracle' of our generation, impacting the identity of an entire generation. He makes the case that the entire community needs to realign our communal priorities.

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Brought to you by The AVI CHAI Foundation
Designed and Developed by See3 Communication
Copyright 2013-2016