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CO-OP Two For One Part 2 (241-2) - Maps - Mapping and Modding
Shadow Moses (Metal Gear Solid, mapvars) - Mapping Hell

Cool, i'd love to see what you made in assaultcube. I never got the hang of the old cube engines editor.
Not too familiar with the cheathacks in emulators either  ???Mostly i'm editing from memory, looking up some screenshots of areas for the texturing.

Hopefully i'll start expanding it again soon. Been caught up in some things lately. There's a few small changes added recently to the map, but not updated here, just some small texture/light bugs fixes and finally connected the air ducts to the hangar.

I've got a (crap-)server running the map/vars on redeclipse.anarchy.info:33333, it should be up often.

Also, with licensing, apparently it should be fine with CC-BY-SA ? Someone on #redeclipse  asked me why i changed it to NC for "obvious reasons", apparently, map design/layout isn't copyrightable unless it's a perfect copy for copy (as in ripping the entire mesh), but because this has been built by hand, it's not the same thing. I'm not sure, but i may change it back to CC-BY-SA in the next update.

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