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  • DocuWare Cloud Event

    18, Nov 2014

    On the 26th September , ITEC held its Docuware Online event at King Hussein Business Park. The speaker, Mr. Marcin Pichur of DocuWare (Germany), introduced the world leading document management...

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  • DocuWare V6.5 Training & DocuWare Application Consultant (DAC) Certification

    24, Apr 2014

    Image technologies (ITEC) continues to drive the technical and sales skills of its own staff as well as staff of its regional partners in collaboration with its International Technology Partner...

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  • Panasonic 2013, Digitizing the Future & the Past

    28, Dec 2013

    Amman –Jordan on November 26, 2013 Panasonic and ITEC, held a seminar on the topic, “Panasonic 2013, Digitizing the Future & the Past” which was conducted at the Royal Automobile Club. The goal...

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    27, Jun 2013

    Amman-Jordan (June 27, 2013)- ITEC, the leading providers of DMS,BPM and CCM solutions announce today that it has successfully entered UAE Markets and recently opened a new office in the emirate of...

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  • ITEC in ACS EXACS 2013 exhibition

    04, Mar 2013

    Image Technologies (ITEC) will be participating - in association with their strategic partner Almoayyed Commercial Services company– in ACS EXACS 2013 exhibition that is taking place in Bahrain...

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  • ITEC Annual End of Year Gathering

    04, Jan 2013

    ITEC’s Annual End of Year Gathering was held this year on the 4th of January 2013 @ The Holiday Inn Hotel .

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  • Image Technologies (ITEC) in DocuWare Diamond Club 2013

    02, Jan 2013

    Image Technologies (ITEC) is pleased to announce it’s prestigious membership in DocuWare’s Diamond Club 2013 . ITEC has earned the second place in DocuWare’s diamond club for being amongst the...

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  • ITEC Launch docuFILE

    01, Nov 2012

    Almost all organizations that have managed to successfully archive and control their documents securely and efficiently via a document management system often still go through the hassle of keeping...

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  • ITEC Customer Conference

    18, Oct 2012

    Image Technologies (ITEC) has organized a conference on the 4th of October 2012 at the Royal Automobile Club for all of its customers. The conference aimed at valuing the company's customers by...

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  • ITEC launch Customer Support Portal

    09, Sep 2012

    In order to raise customer satisfaction and enhance the level communication between ITEC and its customers we launch Customer Support Portal, this portal will give our customers the ability to submit...

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