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Compared to many of the BI downloads found in the SAP Community Network, University Alliances offers the latest downloads for an extended period of 6 months from the date of installation. Check back for updated downloads and key codes!


Access SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2013



  • Complete registration information, then click “Register Me Now”
    • For “Company” enter your University name
    • For “Industry” use the drop down to select Higher Ed and Research
    • For “Relationship to SAP,” use the drop down to select
      • "Customer" or "Prospective Customer if you are a professor
      • "Student" if you are a student
    • For “Department” use the drop down to select Information Technology
  • On the next screen that appears, click the link “Download SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2013 Departmental Edition Evaluation
  • In the pop-up screen, choose "OPEN"
  • Double click on folder DATA_UNITS
  • Double click on folder Excelcius
  • Double click on setup.exe application
  • Choose a language
  • Follow instructions and read the License Agreement - please note the agreement can be found in other languages (available in the folder)
  • A Dashboard Design 2013 Setup box will pop-up
  • Click through the next key steps
  • Enter full name, organization, and product keycode using DB103-RWBV308-UXG34C9-BA3XEH
    NOTE: This keycode has a 6-month validity from the date of installation.
  • Choose Installation type "Typical".
  • Once installation is complete, search for the software
    • Go to Start
    • Choose All Programs
    • Choose Dashboard Design
    • choose the indented icon for Dashboard Design


The older 2008 curriculum and software are no longer available.


NOTE: This is the offline (standalone) version with no connection to any data in SAP BusinessObject Enterprise Server.

Note 1578658 - Dashboard Design 4 0 Error - If you are experiencing issues when downloading, take a look at this note.

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