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Recover lost PDF document password

PDF file is widely used in various fields by people of different professions. It can be opened in a variety of electronic devices, including laptop, smart phone, mobile device, PC etc. By editing your text in the PDF file format, you can easily share your ideas online. By default, PDF files can only be viewed and others are not able to edit the contents. For those important PDF files, users are allowed to set a password to better protect their files. However, many people tend to forget their passwords for they have so many passwords in their life and in their work. When the password of your important PDF documents is lost, you need an efficient solution to recover your password. Our Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is a reliable password recovery tool for you. It finds your forgotten password efficiently and flexibly.

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Two modes for your password recovery

With our Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password, you are allowed to recover your passwords in two manners. You can either choose the Password Wizard or the Mask Constructor to retrieve your password. If you are quite familiar with computer, you can choose the second mode. Activate this mode in the program menu before using it. As most people have little knowledge in password recovery, the first mode is recommended to those beginners. For those skilled users, Mask Constructor allows you to choose from a larger number of recovery options and you can reduce your recovery time. No matter what mode you decide to use, you can always pause your process whenever you need. If you need to leave your computer or you don't have time to finish your process now, you can suspend it and save it so that you can resume the current progress the next time you operate.

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Allow more than one CPU cores

Our Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password is a CPU-intensive tool that allows as many CPU cores as your system possesses to function at the same time. As a result, the program functions at a high speed. It works faster than other password recovery toolboxes. In any recovery process, the speed of recovery depends largely on the selection of repairing modes of the user, the functioning speed of the computer system, and other factors. The CPU-intensive feature allows our Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password to function at a much higher speed than the tools that allow only a single CPU to function at a time.

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Detailed instructions to follow

If you are a beginner in password recovery and you have little knowledge in recovery process, you are welcome to try our Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password. With its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, beginners can get all the necessary information in the interface. The entire recovery process is straightforward and as long as you read the instructions on the screen carefully, you can successfully carry out the procedure. If you need to set the recovery process, you can read the usage manual before you start the recovery process. Follow the guidance and you can complete your recovery process in nearly no time.

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The recovery process takes 5 steps

The password recovery process is easy enough and it takes only five steps. First of all, you select the PDF file for the program. Just choose the one you need to open. After this, you need to select the type of your password. The program needs to know whether your password is a user password or an owner password before it can start the recovery process. Next, select from the Password Wizard and the Mask Constructor. These are two modes of password recovery. After the selection, the recovery process starts and you can see the current recovery parameters. Finally, the result of your recovery will come out and you will know whether your password is successfully recovered or not. The process is simple and straightforward.

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