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16 May 2012

Credit CBS

Synopsis: Barney and Quinn are on their way to Hawaii when he is stopped at airport security. He has a magic trick in his bag and refuses to explain the trick because of the “Magician’s Code.” They are taken to a secure room and he continues to refuse to show them how the trick works. Robin tells Ted that he always chooses women who don’t want to settle down the way he claims he wants to. She agrees that Victoria is the only exception so he calls her. She comes to the bar in her wedding dress and asks him to run away with her. Robin is tasked with taking the first photos of the new Eriksen family.

The Good: The Ted-Victoria story was unexpected and interesting as a result. I wouldn’t say it was good as such but there were nice moments. I liked Ted pointing out how crushed he was when he was left at the altar. I thought he actually cracked a real joke when he suggested a quickie before returning her to the wedding. I thought Robin’s argument setting this plot in motion was even better as she systematically pointed out how unavailable all the women Ted has pursued were.

The Barney-Quinn proposal story was as silly and ridiculous as anything you’ll see on TV. But it did have a certain charm. His insistence on sticking to the magician’s code and his naive refusal to believe his mum was sleeping with the guy from the magic shop were nice embellishments on what was pretty obviously an elaborate proposal. Quinn and Barney actually seemed like they were in love and sharing a special moment. I assume the airport staff were all in on the joke (we see one pull out a camera at the end). I also smiled when Quinn likened Barney’s apartment to the one in American Psycho – how true.

The Marshall-Lily-Marvin photo story was an appropriate C plot. The final photo of them all asleep was very cute.

The Bad: We all knew Robin was the one marrying Barney so the final revelation couldn’t help but leave a bitter taste. We now have to sit through Barney and Quinn breaking up which is more of a drag now that she has actually spent some time on the show being likeable. We’re also going to have to watch Ted and Victoria break up which is a double dose of downer and ruins any sense that the first half of next season will mean much.

The writers were never going to do justice to Victoria in the time she was given. We know nothing about her fiancée and to not hear her talk about him or indeed her feelings for Ted made it all feel flimsy. The writers would need to do a major overhaul to make the beginning of next season anything but an elaborate shell game as we wait for Ted to finally meet the mother.

The Barney story was a bit much. Airport security is so tight and humourless in 2012 that it was stretching any remaining credulity to have Barney holding up a line and then actually exploding something as part of his trick. There wasn’t much effort made to show him placing the key or silk handkerchief on his audience either.

Comic Highlight: I did smile at Barney yelling his proposal as he readjusted after the explosion he’d set off.

How I rate your episode: There was more effort put into this finale than some recent episodes. But the reality is that nothing has changed since a year ago. We knew Robin was going to marry Barney and that Lily would have a baby. We’ve spent all season simply confirming those two facts and now we have to trudge exhaustedly through another twenty odd episodes just to see more of the same.


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How to Lose 10, 20, 30 Pounds! - SELF
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