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What is the Perfect Diet Tracker?

The Perfect Diet Tracker is an easy to use software application designed to help you track your diet and achieve a safe and consistent weight loss, maintaining that weight loss once you reach your target.

It's both easy to use and it works!

Key features

Personal diet plan

Create a personal diet plan

You can let the software suggest a personal diet plan based on your current weight and the goals you want to achieve or alternatively you enter your own custom diet plan. The diet tracker puts you in control.
Food diary

Track what you eat with the food diary

Track your diet, adding items you eat or drink to the food diary. With over 100,000 products in the food database, adding items is quick and easy.
chart diet progress

Let your computer do the hard work

The app takes care of calorie counting and exercise tracking for you, monitoring your calorific and nutritional intake. Stay within the targets and you will achieve the weight loss you want.
diet together

Multiple users?

No problem and no extra charge. Each user can set a password so other users cannot see what you are eating, or currently weigh.
worldwide support

Full international support

The software can work in pounds or kilos, feet and inches or meters, you decide. The international food database contains products for countries throughout the world making adding products easy wherever you are.

Download it now

Download for Windows

Download for Mac OS X

Download for Linux

The Perfect Diet Tracker solution

The Perfect Diet Tracker is a software application that lets you manage your weight and diet. It uses firm scientific foundations and proven calorie counting methods. The software has an easy to use, intuitive interface and an extensive international food and exercise database. It is simple, affordable and safe.

You can use the diet suggestions provided by the software based on your specific user profile or follow your own diet plan. Through the diary and extensive food database you quickly learn which foods affect your diet the most and how you can take control of your own weight management.

What will I be able to eat?

You decide!

Obviously if you try to enter a diet made up entirely of chocolate you will find the calorie counter quickly turns 'red' and your nutritional profile does not come close to the target, however we are not saying you need to eat a diet consisting of 'rabbit food' either. The key is finding a balance you can live with, a diet that is both good for you and one you can maintain.

The Perfect Diet Tracker software provides an easy way to find this balance with full and free access to calorific and nutritional data for over 100,000 foods, helping you find your 'perfect diet'.

Will the diet work for me?

The diet calculations used by the Perfect Diet Tracker work for the vast majority of people.

The two groups of users the calculations do not work for are extreme athletes and those users with a very high body mass index ('morbidly obese, category III'). In these cases, the software can still track your diet however it will be unable to suggest a daily calorific allowance. If you fall into either group you should consult your doctor to discuss a suitable calorific allowance and nutritional profile and enter these manually, the software can then be used as a calorie counter and diet planner.

What makes the Perfect Diet Tracker better than other solutions?

We believe the Perfect Diet Tracker is the easiest to use diet tracking solution currently available.

There are no ongoing subscriptions and a fully functional free trial version with no registration requirements so you can fully try the software before considering buying.

The bottom line is the Perfect Diet Tracker is based on solid scientific calculations and methods ensuring you lose weight safely and effectively. Why not try it today?

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