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 Getting cash flow to really flow. Increasing cash flow - magic? No, just hard work and common sense. Two items affect cash flow: income and expenses. Each impact the bottom line either positively or negatively. The first items owners usually address in a badly-performing property are occupancy and delinquency - the components of revenue. Obviously, increasing occupancy and collecting more rent will positively affect cash flow…
 The Key to any successful project is the resident . Risk in rehabs is commensurate with management capability, or lack of it. Sound management means profits. Inadequate management translates into losses. Competent management, therefore, is not something simply to be desired - it is crucial… First of all, more problems always arise than are projected, which results in time delays. Time delays, if the units are vacant, translate into mountains of lost rental income…
 The Fight against expense . The nemesis of cash flow is expense. Without exception, all properties are plagued by expenses. Even though most cannot be eliminated, they can be controlled. In many instances, the expense itself is confused with its cause. Hiring discount vendors, for example, to cut maintenance costs for rapidly spouting slab leaks does lower costs. The core solution in multiple slab leaks is to ferret out the cause…
 Success is in the details. Hazy thinking is very expensive. Accurate thinking, on the other hand, saves time and makes money. When a problem is identified and isolated, the first step toward its solution is the act of thinking. Interestingly, the solutions to most complex problems are simple ones. But many business people do not appreciate simple solutions. The key discipline for honing thinking to a razor-sharp accuracy is...
 The dangers of self management . Merely because a person owns property does not make him a professional manager. It does, however, empower him with the authority to make all decisions concerning his property. In most situations, self-management is an expensive move…

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1. Screen Tenant Instantly -You will have access to Credit Reports, Eviction Reports, Criminal Reports, Sex Offender Reports. All reports are available in seconds.
2. You will have access to 1000's of landlord forms.
  Rental Applications
  Lease Agreements
  Notices to pay or quit
  Move-in forms
  Move-out forms
  30 day notice to quit
  Rent raises
  Pool rules
  Plus 100's more
3. Online Training - Learn how to screen residents. This tutorial alone can save you 1,000's of dollars.
Plus much more.
4. Landlord and Real Estate articles from seasoned professionals.
5. Online Landlord Chat Center - Be able to communicate with other landlords, ask questions, get advice and learn what worked and what did not work from other landlords.

6. Rent and Debt Collection
- Residents owe you money. Report them to all 3 credit bureaus so next time they apply for an apartment, car, house or anything. Their credit report will be marked with your outstanding debt for 7 years or till they pay you in full.
We can also assist you by agressively going after money that is owed to you.
7. Landlord Tenant Law - It is imperative that every landlord understand what they can and can not do before they find themselves in a costly and expensive lawsuite.
8. Propety Management - Learn tips on how to better manage your property. What you should do, what you shouldn't do. Learn the basics of being a landlord.
9. Learn about doing 1031 Exchanges - 1031 Exchanges are becoming the hottest thing in real estate and if done wrong, they can cost you ,000's but if done correctly. They can save you ,000's of dollars in taxes.
10. Learn from our 30 years of experiance of being a national property management company. You will find great insights in how to handle all sorts of problems and situations.

Property management is the key to making money in real estate. With joining LandlordOnline you will get the knowledge and know how that you need to be successful.

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