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Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator automates the task of stamping one or more PDF documents with a watermark. Watermark can be placed on all pages or on specific page numbers only. The application automatically imports all PDF documents from a specific directory and all of its subdirectories. Alternatively, users can manually import PDF documents that need to be stamped with a watermark. For each imported input PDF document the application creates a watermarked copy of the original PDF file. Original PDF documents are not affected by the watermarking process. Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator allows users to define the following watermark properties: single-line verbiage, multiple-line verbiage, watermark location, font family, font color, font size, font style, rotation / no rotation, placement beneath / above existing PDF content. In addition to this, the application allows users to define multiple-line watermarks with the use of '\n' line separator, appends optional current file's name to the watermark verbiage, appends optional current date to the watermark verbiage, appends optional current time to the watermark verbiage, duplicates input subdirectories and automatically persists most recently used directory paths and watermark settings. Download sample watermarked PDF text document and PDF image document. View user guide (PDF).

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   Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator


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