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Designing Efficient Applications for Microsoft SQL Server - MSDN Sql server - How do I add the description property to the table

In the SSMS (currently running SQL Server 2008 R2), I would like to add the Description property next to the Allow Nulls property in the table designer window.

I have looked at the registry change for setting the default value of the null property as shown in this SO answer How do I set the Allow Nulls property in table designer of SSMS to be always false? However, I cannot figure out how to add the new property into the new table designer view.

I thought the the following registry entry would help.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server0\Tools\Shell\DataProject\

SSVPropViewColumnsSQL70 SSVPropViewColumnsSQL80

I changed the registry entries of above keys from 1,2,6; to 1,2,6,9; but nothing changed in the designer.

Does anyone have any additional thoughts on this?