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Welcome to our NMHOA website - we hope you find it helpful and interesting!

NMHOA is governed by people like you, who own homes in manufactured home communities. We understand the precarious nature of owning a home on someone else’s land and the value of solidarity in protecting our rights, whether in an individual community or in uniting homeowners from across the country. We maintain a direct communication network among state homeowner advocacy groups and serve as your voice at the national level, with the help of several powerful partner organizations who support our mission.

Last year, our Board of Directors adopted the slogan, “Fighting for Home/Land Security and Equity for All”, which we feel encapsulates the challenges we often face in manufactured home communities. Using the term “Home/Land Security” refers to our goal of ensuring that conditions don’t dramatically change for vulnerable homeowners after investing in their communities. Whether due to threat of unfair conversion from “senior” status to all-age, unfair eviction or loss of homes due to closure of communities, homeowners deserve peace of mind and security in knowing they will have the opportunity to “age in place” rather than being displaced.  In some respects, there is also a parallel meaning to the better-known term “homeland security” in that many of our counterparts are unfairly subjected to insidious forms of economic and psychological terrorism by community owners and managers, which can take a devastating toll on one’s health and well-being. “Equity For All” reflects our feeling that a partnership exists between homeowners and land owners in manufactured home communities and homeowners deserve to have the equity in their investments protected and to be treated equitably.

I’m pleased to report that NMHOA’s educational E-blast series, “i’mPOWERED!” is growing in coverage and value.  It is a continuing series of informational messages that aim to better educate homeowners so they will feel empowered to stand up for their rights when necessary.  This series is largely intended for those homeowners who are willing to “draw and line in the sand” rather than “bury their head in the sand” when faced with adversity. As they say, “Knowledge is Power” and “i’mPOWERED!” helps homeowners become more empowered through greater knowledge, confidence and the opportunity to network with others.  We include features on a wide range of topics, from how to operate effective homeowner associations to reducing safety hazards in your home.  Look for the link to “i’mPOWERED!” elsewhere on this website. We also have monthly E-blast news bulletins and a quarterly newsletter to keep members informed.

One of the priorities set by our Board is a commitment to outreach and support of state manufactured home owner associations. Strong connections with state associations is part of NMHOA’s “DNA” and continues to be a vital means of serving individual homeowners. We are fortunate to have a paid Executive Director, Dave Anderson, who is a nationally recognized authority on manufactured housing issues, to coordinate outreach to affiliate organizations

Yours in solidarity,

Tim Sheahan, 
NMHOA President

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