AWicons Pro 10.3 + product crack

Here's a pipeline that uses an Apache access log as input, and aggregates downloads for a particular group of files, by day, for one month. grep Jun/2011 access_log |grep -i /sw/files/webp |cut -d ' ' -f 4 |cut -d / -f 1,2 |uniq -c 37 [01/Jun 24 [02/Jun 26 [03/Jun 21 [04/Jun 26 [05/Jun ... 15 [25/Jun 28 [26/Jun 15 [27/Jun 13 [28/Jun 17 [29/Jun 26 [30/Jun

Similar, which ranks files by popularity:

grep /sw/files/ access_log |cut -d ' ' -f 7 |cut -d - -f 1 |sort |uniq -c|sort -n -r|head 49260 /sw/files/foo 2088 /sw/files/bar 677 /sw/files/bling 609 /sw/files/zik 477 /sw/files/zot 471 /sw/files/baz 395 /sw/files/bonk 327 /sw/files/kludge 292 /sw/files/pink 275 /sw/files/ponk

Here's a pipeline that generates short URLs for a product table and updates the database:

mysql dbname -e 'select id from product' -B --skip-column-names |(while read ID ; do SURL=`curl -s -d longurl=$ID |sed -r -n 's/^.success.href="([^"])".$//p' `; echo "UPDATE product SET short_url='$SURL' WHERE id='$ID';"; done) |mysql dbname
(I have broken the line for clarity.)

Here's one that does a rolling bar chart of Apache httpd process counts:

while sleep 5 ; do N=`ps -C httpd|wc -l` ; perl -e "print ''x$N,\"\n\";" ; done ...

Statistics on Internet Explorer versions based on Apache access log, sorted by number of requests (filtered to September 2011 only):

grep Sep/2011 access.log |perl -n -e 'm/(MSIE\s\d+)/ && print "\n"' |sort |uniq -c |sort -n 3 MSIE 3 4 MSIE 2 28 MSIE 999 54 MSIE 1 99 MSIE 10 102 MSIE 4 233 MSIE 5 6127 MSIE 6 13632 MSIE 7 36403 MSIE 9 41662 MSIE 8

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