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  • Is my new software covered by any kind of warranty?

    Yes. Every Map Suite component and add-in (excluding spatial data products) comes with a one-year Software Assurance Plan that entitles the licensee to free upgrades for the duration of the first year, as well as five Customer Portal support tickets. Each support ticket enables you to interact with ThinkGeo's professional support staff to solve a problem, have a question answered, or help with an aspect of your ThinkGeo product. Additional support tickets or annual Software Assurance Plan extensions can be purchased at any time in the ThinkGeo Online Store.

  • How can I extend my software warranty?

    If you are a Map Suite user, you can purchase extended Software Assurance Plans (sold in one-year increments) for your Map Suite products in the ThinkGeo Online Store. Each additional year of coverage includes free upgrades as new product versions arrive, plus five free Customer Portal support tickets. Please note that every Map Suite product has its own Software Assurance Plan, so please make sure to select the right item from the store when purchasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ThinkGeo sales team or call 1-866-847-7510.

  • What if I'm only using an evaluation version? Can I still get support?

    Certainly. Even if you are evaluating one of ThinkGeo's Map Suite GIS components or dataset plugins prior to a purchase, pre-sales support is offered on our discussion forums, or you can receive one-on-one support by opening a ticket through our Customer Portal. If you sign up for a free ThinkGeo account you'll even receive five pre-sales support tickets for free. You can also access ThinkGeo's self-help resources, including product documentation, sample code, Quick Start guides and FAQs on the official ThinkGeo Wiki anytime, day or night.

  • I purchased a ThinkGeo product and need support. What do I do?

    As a licensed ThinkGeo product user, you have a wealth of support options at your disposal! If you're having trouble with your product, or simply have questions, a great place to start is our Support Center. There you'll find:

    If you still have questions, or simply need one-on-one support with a ThinkGeo expert, please open a support ticket at our Customer Portal. The ThinkGeo Customer Portal is your gateway to professional, individual and expedient service with your ThinkGeo solution. Five free Customer Portal support tickets are included with each year of your product's Software Assurance Plan, plus you can buy additional tickets at any time in the ThinkGeo Online Store. If you have any questions about how to use the Customer Portal, feel free to call a ThinkGeo support representative at 1-866-847-7510.

  • What is the ThinkGeo Customer Portal?

    The Customer Portal is ThinkGeo's centralized support site, providing each of our customers with a means to receive prompt, individualized attention to any issue or question they may have regarding their ThinkGeo product. Each time you open a new issue at the Customer Portal, you'll need a support ticket. All Map Suite Software Assurance Plans include a number of free support tickets, with additional tickets available for purchase individually or in packs of five from the ThinkGeo Online Store.

    When you open a new support ticket at the ThinkGeo Customer Portal, your ticket will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible by a member of our professional support staff. You'll receive updates by email whenever a response is posted to your ticket. When your issue is resolved, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the service you've received before closing out your ticket.

  • How do I access the Customer Portal?

    The ThinkGeo Customer Portal can be accessed at any time by visiting the following Web address:

  • What are support tickets?

    Support tickets allow you to contact our professional support staff to ask questions, get help with your ThinkGeo product or solve problems you may be having. Each time you have an issue or a question you need supported, you'll need to have an available support ticket on your account in order to proceed. All Map Suite Software Assurance Plans include a number of free support tickets, with additional tickets available for purchase individually or in packs of five from the ThinkGeo Online Store.

  • When can I expect a response from ThinkGeo on my support ticket?

    Usually, you can expect a response from a member of our support staff within 1-2 business days. ThinkGeo's support staff is on call from 9 am to 5 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.

    The time in which you will receive a response depends upon the number of support tickets in the queue ahead of you, as well as the priority of your support ticket. Tickets marked with a higher priority will be reviewed first.

  • What if the issue I report is caused by a defect in the software?

    Any tme a support incident you create is found to be a caused by a bug or defect in the ThinkGeo software, the support ticket will never be counted against you. In other words, if you have three support tickets and use one to report an issue that turns out to be a bug in our software, the ticket will not be counted and you will still have all three tickets available at the close of your incident.

  • What if I want to talk to a support representative by phone?

    A friendly support representative will be happy to assist you with your support issue over the phone. The support representative will be able to help you set up a Customer Portal account and log all of the important information about your support ticket into so it can be worked in a timely manner. To reach a support representative, feel free to contact us by e-mail or call 1-866-847-7510.