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“New players and returning veteran players have different needs, so we've split this forum clean down the middle! If…” Kaivax 6 days ago in New Player Help and Guides: “Check out the new forum for …” “... StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone’s esports programs all allow qualified teams to compete in furt…” Lore 4/29/2016 in General Discussion: “Road to BlizzCon 2016 Rules …” “Following our recent blog (link) detailing some updates to the rules for the 2016 World of Warcraft Road to BlizzCo…” Lore 4/29/2016 in General Discussion: “Road to BlizzCon 2016 Rules …”

“... Let me try to clear things up a bit, since I realize a single achievement out of context isn't exactly informat…” Watcher 4/27/2016 in General Discussion: “Legion Flying - Here we go a…” “We wanted to let you know that we’ve been closely following the Nostalrius discussion and we appreciate your constr…” Nethaera 4/25/2016 in General Discussion: “To the WoW Community -” “To clarify: we're going to make sure you can still get the transmog gear sets. The intention is NOT to remove that …” Lore 4/15/2016 in General Discussion: “"So That You Don't Feel Obli…”

“So, let’s talk about pruning. I’d like to give some clearer insight into what we’re trying to achieve, and the type…” Lore 4/15/2016 in Legion PvP Feedback: “On Pruning, PvP, and Our Goa…” “Greetings everyone! In the next test build we will be unlocking the World Quests feature, which will play a major r…” Muffinus 4/13/2016 in Legion World Quests: “World Quests Design Notes Ap…” “Some additional thoughts on the concerns that have been raised in this and other threads, loosely paraphrased: Don'…” Watcher 4/12/2016 in General Discussion: “So the garrison table is bac…”

“Hey all, Thanks for all the feedback. Those who are posting about their experiences with this system so far are pro…” Ornyx 4/11/2016 in General Discussion: “So the garrison table is bac…” “Hey all, We have another alpha build going up today. Some fairly significant updates are included: New Specializati…” Celestalon 3/30/2016 in Legion Beta General Discussion: “3/30 Alpha Build Design Note…” “I'm so happy to spotlight Scott Johnson's work for the Warcraft community, and maybe even introduce a few players t…” Kaivax 3/25/2016 in General Discussion: “Community Spotlight: Scott J…”

“Thanks for the replies so far. A couple of specific responses, though I am by no means discounting the other exampl…” Watcher 3/22/2016 in Legion PvP Feedback: “PvP has a severe lack of non…” “... Generally when you see a major point of discussion on the forums that is being met with what seems like complet…” Watcher 3/22/2016 in Legion PvP Feedback: “PvP has a severe lack of non…” “This week, we cast the community spotlight on Michele Morrow. Check it out!” Kaivax 3/17/2016 in General Discussion: “Community Spotlight: Michele…”

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