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An Idaho dad took to Facebook Tuesday to share the "most frightening experience" he's ever had as a father.

Winston Goss and his son, Ethan, were skiing at Brundage Mountain Resort in Idaho when Ethan slipped under a tree and got stuck. In the video, Goss reaches under the tree to pull Ethan, who can barely breathe, out from under the snow.

"Please, take the time to know the dangers around you," Goss wrote. "What you're about to see is a very real threat and there are many who die each year."

Tree wells — voids around the bases of trees that form after heavy snowfall — cause more than a quarter of all suffocations by snow, according to They're hard to see because most of them are hidden from view by the tree's low-hanging branches. Ninety percent of people who get stuck in tree wells are unable to rescue themselves, the site says.

As Goss himself said, the most important lesson is "never ski alone."

The terrifying video had been viewed more than 200,000 times as of Thursday. Watch the whole thing below.

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