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The 30th Annual Trenton Computer Festival held at the College of New Jersey.

Outside there was a long line for tickets. It was a chilly day, so we stood in line for a while freezing our asses off getting tickets. Ladies and Gents! This was one FREAKY festival! Geeks, nerds, dweebs, and dorks came from all over for this BIG event. I was taken aback upon entering with my cheesey wristband showing membership to the geek-fest. There was no one to hide behind.

So, we headed over to the outdoor flea market to see what was what. Here at THIS flea market you can find used SPARC stations, used CISCO equipment, used switches, used monitors, and old shit that you?d just as soon throw into the neighbors yard when he wasn?t looking. You can even find CRACK. No CRACK for sale though! But I?m sure this particular flea market shopper would have given it up for free.

There was even a room for old computer systems. It was cool.

Inside the recreation center there the real exhibits sit. Where the venders scream at you, ?I make you sweet deal! I give you cheap!? As you walk by. After tolerating this banter you are looking for a couple of pints, and maybe a soothing shoulder to cry on. (For those of you that don?t drink you will want to scratch your eyes/ears out upon leaving.) The neatest thing was the New Jersey Antique Radio Club. I have some short little videos of some of the old radio and TV there. I will get those up in a day or two.

What did we walk away purchasing?

1 512MB USB (thumb drive)
1 External USB laptop hard drive case
1 Camera tripod
2 Small thumb knives
2 Chilly nipples

An Ok day out... :D

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