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Android - ADB cannot detect my Kindle Fire on Windows 7, but

In general, running "android update adb" from the /Tools folder should be enough to update the correct adb_usb.ini file. The location of this file is relevant as adb will only look for one of them. I had a CRC error in sdkuilib.jar, and it would not copy. This caused "android update adb" to fail, so my adb_usb.ini file did not get updated.

Also, when I went to update by hand, I was logged on as joe user, but I elevated to admin user to perform the update. I modified the joe user copy of adb_usb.ini (c:\users\\adb_usb.ini), but the adb program looked instead at the admin copy of adb_usb.ini (c:\users\\adb_usb.ini). So, adb did not see the 0x1949 that I added by hand.

Once I replaced my copy of sdkuilib.jar (by redownloading, installing in a separated folder, and copying over the bad file), I was able to run "android update adb" and 0x01949 showed up in my admin adb_usb.ini. [To find this, I changed echo off to echo on at the top of both the android.bat and find_java.bat files.]

After that, I did an adb kill-server and adb usb. But I still got the "error: device not found" message. Only then did I notice that my Kindle Fire had timed out. I turned it back on, unlocked it, and at that point, the kill-server "adb usb" sequence produced "restarting in USB mode".

Once that output was produced, the adb devices showed my Kindle Fire.

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