Easy Tweak 1.7.5 lifetime license included

CONTENT: This 8.5 GB DL DVD includes all you need for sound processing and producing.

No sound libraries, video tutorials, etc. included. Check up our Pro Audio Software section for full releases.

Read .nfo file included with every program. It can be opened in any text editor and contains installation instructions.

There are no viruses inside. Consider false alert if detected.

All programs are Microsoft Windows compatible. No Mac software available.

CONDITIONS: Available for 50 EUR plus S&H.

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Algorithmix Plug-Ins Bundle DX v1.3 Prosoniq Ambisone VST v2.02
Anarchy Effects VST v1.4 Prosoniq Dynasone VST v2.02
Anarchy Swarm Synth VSTi v1.0.1 Prosoniq Morph VST v1.0
Anarchy Rhythms VST v2.0 Prosoniq OrangeVocoder VST v2.02
Antares Autotune Evo VST RTAS v6.0.9 Prosoniq PiWarp VST v2.02
Antares AVOX Bundle VST RTAS v1.1.3 Prosoniq Realtime Vocoder VST v1.30
Antares Filter VST DX v1.01 Prosoniq Roomulator VST v2.02
Antares Harmony Engine VST RTAS v1.0 Prosoniq VoxCiter VST v2.02
Antares Kantos VST RTAS v1.02 Prosoniq Magenta VST v1.0
Antares Microphone Modeler DX v1.32 Prosoniq RayVerb VST v1.0
Antares Tube VST v1.02 Prosoniq TimeFactory v2.02
Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard EP VSTi DXi v3.0 PSP Audioware EasyVerb DX VST VSTi v1.0.3
Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard EP-2 VSTi DXi v2.0 PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP 42 VST DX RTAS v1.5
Applied Acoustics String Studio VS-1 VST DX v1.0 PSP Audioware MasterComp VST DX RTAS v1.0
Applied Acoustics UltraAnalog VA-1 DXi VSTi v1.01 PSP Audioware MasterQ VST DX RTAS v1.5
Arboretum Ray Gun v2.0.1 PSP Audioware 608 MultiDelay VST DX RTAS v1.1
Arboretum Realizer Pro v1.0 PSP Audioware MixPack VST DX RTAS v1.8.4
Arboretum Restoration-NR v1.1.1 PSP Audioware Neon VST RTAS v1.5.1
Arboretum Systems Ionizer DX v1.3 PSP Audioware OldTimer VST RTAS v1.1.6
Arturia CS-80V VSTi RTAS v1.6 PSP Audioware PSP 84 VST DX RTAS v1.5
Arturia Minimoog V VSTi RTAS v1.6 PSP Audioware Vintage Warmer VST DX RTAS v2.0
Arturia Moog Modular V VSTi RTAS v2.2 PSP Audioware Delaypack VST DX v1.3
Arturia ARP2600 V v1.0 PSP Audioware StereoPack VST DX RTAS v1.8
Arturia Jupiter-8V VSTi v1.0 PSP Audioware Nitro VST DX RTAS v1.1
Audio Damage 907A VST v1.0 RBC Voice Tweaker Pro DX v3.02
Audio Damage BigSeq VST v1.0 RcgAudio Pentagon I VSTi v1.3
Audio Damage DubStation VST v1.0.2 RcgAudio Square I VSTi v1.2
Audio Damage Digitalis DeVerb VST v1.0 RcgAudio z3ta Plus DXi VSTi v1.40
Audio Damage Phase Two VST v1.0 Refined Audiometrics CLAS NR VST v1.53
Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb VST v1.0 Refined Audiometrics PLPar EQ VST v2.17
Audio Damage Reverence Digital Reverb VST v1.0.1 Refined Audiometrics PLPar EQ X VST v2.17
Audio Damage Ronin VST v1.0 reFX Beast VSTi v1.0
AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS v6.12 reFX PlastiCZ VSTi v1.1.0
AudioEase Cabinet VST RTAS v1.01 reFX QuadraSID VSTi v1.6
Big Tick EP Phazer VSTi v1.0 reFX Nexus VSTi v1.3
Big Tick Angelina v1.3 reFX The BassLine VSTi v1.4
Big Tick Dodecaline VSTi v2.0.1 reFX Trasher 2 VSTi v1.1
Big Tick EP-Station v1.0 reFX Ueberschall BPM120 v1.1
Big Tick NastySharper VST v1.0 reFX Claw VSTi 1.0
Big Tick Rhino VSTi v2.03 reFX JunoX2 VSTi v1.51
Big Tick Hexaline VST v2.0 reFX Slayer2 VSTi v2.5
Bojo Impulse VSTi v1.05 reFX Vanguard VSTi RTAS v1.8.0
Bojo OrganOne VSTi v1.05 Rob Papen ConcreteFX Blue VSTi v1.6.3b
Cakewalk Perfect Space Convolution Reverb VST v1.3 Rob Papen Predator VSTi v1.1
Cakewalk PX-64 Percussion Strip VST v1.0 Roger Nichols Digital DYNAM-IZER VST RTAS v1.0
Cakewalk Vintage Channel VC-64 VST v1.0 Roger Nichols Digital FINIS VST RTAS v1.0
Cakewalk VX-64 Vocal Strip VST v1.0.2 Roger Nichols Digital FREQUAL-IZER VST RTAS v1.0
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus VSTi DXi v1.5.3 Roger Nichols Digital UNIQUEL-IZER VST RTAS v1.0
Camel Audio Alchemy VSTi v1.10.6 Roland VSC MP1
Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 VSTi v1.7 S & C Develop Audio Plug-ins v1.0
Camel Audio Camel Phat VST v3.30 S & C Develop Drums Instrument v2.0
Camel Audio Camel Space VST v1.30 S & C Develop MonoPoly 16 VST 2 Instrument v1.1
Clone Ensemble Alien Solo VST DX v2.2 S & C Develop Virtual Drum Sampler VST 2 Instrument v1.1
Clone Ensemble Voice Trap VST DX v2.0a S & C Develop Virtual Sampler VST 2 Instrument v1.1
Clone Ensemble Clone Ensemble VST DX v4.2 SampliTools Declicker DX v1.0
Clone Ensemble Psycho Toolkit VST DX v1.1 SampliTools DEQ v1.0
ConcreteFX Adder VSTi v1.5 Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX VST v1.0.2.3
ConcreteFX Brush VST VSTi v1.0 Scarbee Virtual Keyboard FX VST v1.0.3.2
ConcreteFX Digital VSTi v1.4 SoftPlug Adventus DF VSTi v1.0
ConcreteFX Ethereal VSTi v1.0 SoftPlug Adventus VSTi v1.5
ConcreteFX Granite VSTi v2.4 Sonic Foundry Acoustic Mirror v1.1
ConcreteFX Industry VSTi v2.3 Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction DX v2.0a
ConcreteFX Kubik VSTi v2.12 Sonic Foundry XFX1 DirectX Plug-Ins v1.0f
ConcreteFX QDelay VST v1.0 Sonic Foundry XFX2 DirectX Plug-Ins v1.0f
ConcreteFX QEq VST v1.0 Sonic Foundry XFX3 DirectX Plug-Ins v1.0f
ConcreteFX QVoc VST v1.0 Sonic Flavours R66 VST v1.02
ConcreteFX QWah VST v1.0 Sonicism Vintage Vocoder DX v1.02
ConcreteFX Unison Micron VSTi v1.2 U-he Filterscape VST v1.1
ConcreteFX Unison Micron VSTi v1.2 U-he ZebraCM VSTi v1.0 Exclusive Edition
ConcreteFX Vocal VSTi v1.0 U-he Zebra VSTi v2.1
CrySonic CryQ VST v1.0 Sonic Syndicate TB1 Talkbox VST v1.0
CrySonic newB Aural Bass Enhancer VST v1.0 Sonic Syndicate Junglist VSTi v3.0
CrySonic nXtasy VST v1.0 Sonic Syndicate Plucked String VSTi v1.5
Crysonic SINDO VST v1.0 Sonic Syndicate Scorpion VSTi v1.3
CrySonic SpectraQ VST v1.0 Sonic Timeworks EQ1 v1.2 & CompressorX v1.5
CrySonic SpectraLive VST v2.0 Sonic Timeworks SH-1001 VSTi v1.0
CrySonic SpectraPhy VST v1.0 Sonicbytes ERA VST MFX v1.122
Cycling74 Hipno VST RTAS v1.04 Sonicbytes Phrazor VSTi v1.02
Cycling74 Mode VST RTAS v1.24 Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native VST v1.5.1
Cycling74 Pluggo VST RTAS v3.54 Sonoma Wire Works Sonoma 7 VST v1.1
D16 Group Drumazon VSTi v1.0.25 Soundbytes BagPipes VSTi v1.0
D16 Phoscyon VSTi v1.6.0 Soundbytes Sympathizer VST vb0.916
Dash Signature ComboSister VSTi v1.40 SpinAudio 3D Panner Motion Effects VST DX v1.0
Dash Signature daAlfa2k VSTi v2.24c SpinAudio 3D Panner Studio DX VST v1.1
Dash Signature EMM Knagalis VSTi v1.34 SpinAudio FXDesigner DX VST v1.1
Dash Signature EVE VSTi v1.8.29 SpinAudio Roomverb M2 DX VST v2.3.200
Dash Signature The Abstract Guitar VSTi v1.26 SpinAudio SpinDelay v2.0.120
Dash Synthesis Solina VSTi DXi v1.0 SpinAudio SpinEQ CM Edition DX VST v1.0.103
Delaydots Phat Pro DX v.3.0 SpinAudio SpinEQ DX VST v1.0
Delaydots Sound Designers DX v2.0 SpinAudio VST DX Wrapper Pro v1.0.140
Delaydots Spectral Plug-ins Pack VST v1.3 SpinAudio 3D Chorus VST DX v1.1
DiscoDSP Discovery VSTi v2.9 SpinAudio ASIO FX Processor SE v1.2
DiscoDSP FX Bundle VST v1.0a SRS Circle Surround Pro VST v1.0.2
DiscoDSP HighLife VSTi v1.3 Starplugs SuperSizer Mono VST v1.0
DiscoDSP Phantom VSTi v1.1 Starplugs SuperSizer Surround VST v1.0
DiscoDSP Vertigo v2.0 Starplugs 2-2-SiX VST v1.0
DTS Neural UpMix VST RTAS v1.0.4 Starplugs Cyclone-Delay VST v1.01
Elemental Audio Eqium EQ VST RTAS v2.1.2 Starplugs Cyclone-Pan VST v1.0
Elemental Audio Firium Linear Phase EQ VST RTAS v2.1.2.1 Starplugs Cyclone-Phaser VST v1.01
Elemental Audio Finalis Peak Limiting VST RTAS v1.0 Starplugs Fixed-Filter-Bank VST v1.0
Elemental Audio Max Bundle VST RTAS v1.0 Starplugs Hammer VSTi v1.01
Elemental Audio Inspector XL Analysis Suite VST RTAS v1.0 Starplugs LFE Filter VST v1.0
Elemental Audio Neodynium Dynamics VST RTAS v1.0.3 Starplugs MoonClass Synthesizer VSTi v1.01
Elemental Audio Systems Firium VST v2.1 Starplugs Quantum Filter VST v1.0
Emagic EVP73 VSTi v1.0 Starplugs Resonator-Bank VST v1.0
Emagic EXSP24 VSTi v1.5 Starplugs SiXciter VST v1.0
FabFilter TotalBundle VST VST3 RTAS 2015.02.02 Starplugs SiXternalizer VST v1.0

Focusrite Midnight Plug-in Suite VSTi RTAS v1.6

Starplugs SuperSizer VST v1.0
Focusrite Red Plug-In Suite VST VST3 v1.0 Starplugs Vocoder VST v1.01
Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite VST RTAS v1.7 Starplugs Xciter VST v1.0
FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad VSTi RTAS v1.0.1.2 Steinberg DeClicker v1.21
FXpansion DR-008 VSTi DXi RTAS v1.19 Steinberg DeNoiser v1.51
FXpansion ORCA VSTi v1.1 Experimental Monosynth Steinberg EQ-2 VST v1.3.1
FXpansion RobotiK Vocoder v1.02 Steinberg FreeFilter v1.1
GForce Minimonsta VSTi RTAS v1.0.8 Steinberg GRM Tools Volume One v1.2
GForce impOSCar VSTi RTAS v1.10 Steinberg GRM Tools Volume Two v1.02
GForce The Oddity VSTi RTAS v1.15 Steinberg Grungelizer v1.0
GRM Tools Classic VST v1.6 Steinberg HALion v3.1.0.947
GRM Tools Spectral Transform VST v1.6 Steinberg LM-4
H.G.Fortune Infrared System Special Edition VSTi v1.2 Steinberg LM-7
H.G.Fortune Synthesizer Laser Blade Pro VSTi v2.1 Steinberg LM-9
H.G.Fortune X-Wheel of Fortune 3 VSTi v1.0 Steinberg Magneto VST v1.5
IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 VST VST3 v4.0.1 Steinberg Mastering Edition Enhanced 2002
IK Multimedia ARC System VST RTAS v2.2 Steinberg ModelE VST v1.0
IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb VST RTAS v1.1.1 Steinberg Orange Vocoder VST v1.1.2
IK Multimedia SampleMoog VSTi RTAS v1.0 Steinberg Qmetric v1.0
IK Multimedia SampleTank VSTi VSTi3 v3.5.1 Steinberg Quadrafuzz v1.0
IK Multimedia SampleTron VSTi RTAS v1.0 Steinberg TL Audio EQ-1 VST v1.0
IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik VSTi DXi RTAS v1.1 Steinberg Ultravoice VST v1.02
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS VST RTAS v4.8a Steinberg UltraVox VST v1.0
Image-Line Deckadance VSTi v1.07 Steinberg VB-1
Image-Line DX10 VSTi DXi v1.1.0.1 Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition FX VST v1.0.0.1
Image-Line Hardcore VST v1.1.2 Steinberg Vocoder v1.0
Image-Line Maximus VST v1.0.6 Steinberg VoiceDesigner VST v1.03
Image-Line Morphine VSTi v1.1 Steinberg VoiceMachine v1.0
Image-Line Pitcher VST v0.4.1.1 Steinberg V-Stack v1.2.0.22
Image-Line PoiZone VSTi v1.0 Steinberg Dcota VSTi v1.01
Image-Line Slicex VSTi v1.0.7 Steiner Microcomputer VSTi v1.0
Image-Line Sytrus VSTi v2.2.0.2 StudioDevil Amp Modeler Pro VST RTAS v1.1
Image-Line Toxic III VSTi v1.2.0 StudioDevil Virtual Bass Amp Pro VST RTAS v1.0
Image-Line Wasp VSTi DXi v2.2 Sugar Bytes Artillery VST DX v1.3
IZotope Alloy VST VST3 RTAS v2.03.496 Sugar Bytes Robotronic VST v1.1
IZotope iDrum VSTi RTAS v1.7.3 Superwave Bundle VSTi v2.0
iZotope Mastering Effects Bundle DX v1.0 Superwave SW Performer VSTi v1.2
iZotope Ozone Advanced VST VST3 v7.0 Synapse Audio Hydra VSTi DXi v1.2
IZotope pHATmatik PRO VSTi v1.52 Synapse Audio Plucked String VSTi DXi v4.0
iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor VST VST3 RTAS v5.01 Synapse Audio Scorpion VSTi DXi v4.2
iZotope RX Final Mix VST VST3 RTAS v1.02.268 Synapse Junglist VSTi v3.2
iZotope Spectron VST DX AS RTAS HTDM v1.14 Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi v2.2.2
iZotope Stutter Edit VST VST3 RTAS v1.0.5 Third Ear Audio TubeWarmth v1.0
IZotope Trash VST VST3 RTAS v2.03 TimeWorks Delay 6022 v1.063
iZotope Vinyl VST VST3 RTAS v1.73 TimeWorks Mastering Compressor v1.1.0.1
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Modulator.GMO-1 VST v1.21 TimeWorks Mastering EQ v1.0
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Audio Channel GAC-1 VST v1.03 TimeWorks Phaser Model88 v1.004
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Compressor.GCO-1 VST v1.12 TimeWorks Reverb 4080L v1.062
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Equaliser.GEQ-7 VST v1.12 TK DatoReverb v1.05
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Peak-Pressor GPP-1 VST v1.11 TK PsychoFilter VST v1.03
Kjaerhus Audio Golden Uni-Pressor GUP-1 VST v1.02 Tone2 Firebird VSTi v1.2.1
Koblo Centaurus RTAS VSTi v1.0r5 Tone2 Filterbank2 VSTi v1.4
Koblo Vibra2000 RTAS VSTi v1.0r2 TriTone Digital AngelTone VST RTAS v1.01
Koblo Vibra3000 RTAS VSTi v1.0r2 TriTone Digital ValveTone 62 VST RTAS v1.31
Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition VSTi RTAS v1.0 Ueberschall Elastik Player VST RTAS v1.5.2.3
LinPlug Albino VSTi v3.1.1 Ueberschall Liquid Instrument Player VST RTAS v1.5.1.2
LinPlug Alpha VSTi v3.1.4 URS Classic Console Compressor VST RTAS TDM v1.01
LinPlug CM-505 VSTi v1.01 URS Classic Console Strip VST RTAS TDM v1.0
LinPlug CronoX VSTi v3.0.4 URS Everything EQ Bundle VST RTAS TDM v5.0
LinPlug Delta III VSTi v3.0 VirSyn Bark VST RTAS v1.1.0
LinPlug ElementP VST v1.01 VirSyn Cantor VSTi RTAS v2.0
LinPlug MorphoX VSTi v1.0.1 VirSyn Cube VSTi RTAS v2.2
LinPlug Octopus VSTi v1.3.1 VirSyn FDelay VST RTAS v1.0.1
LinPlug Organ VSTi v3.1.6 VirSyn Klon VST RTAS v1.0.2
LinPlug RM III Drum Studio VSTi v1.23 VirSyn Matrix VST RTAS v1.2.1
LinPlug RM IV VSTi v4.1.2 VirSyn Poseidon VSTi RTAS v1.4.0
LinPlug SaxLab VSTi v2.1.0 VirSyn Prism VST RTAS v1.1.0
LinPlug Sophistry VSTi v3.0.7 VirSyn Reflect VST RTAS v2.0.0
LUXONIX Ravity R VSTi v1.4.3 VirSyn TDesign VST RTAS v1.0.1
LUXONIX Ravity S VSTi v1.4.3 VirSyn Tera VSTi RTAS v3.2
Magix Samplitude FX Suite VST v1.0 VirSyn VTape VST RTAS v1.3.0
Magix VariVerbPro VST v1.1 Voxengo Analogflux Suite VST v1.5.2
Massiva Synthetic II Pro VSTi v011 Voxengo BMS VST v1.0
Massiva Energy Pro VSTi v1.6 Voxengo Crunchessor VST v1.8
Maxx Claster Bazzoid VSTi v2.2.5 Voxengo CurveEQ VST v3.1
Maxx Claster eJ VSTi v1.2 Voxengo Deconvolver v1.9
Maxx Claster Toxic VSTi v1.01 Voxengo Drumformer VST VST3 v1.4
MeldaProduction MTotalBundle VST VST3 v9.10 Voxengo Elephant VST v3.7.2
MHC Space Synthesizer VSTi v2.0 Voxengo GlissEQ VST v3.5.3
MHC Voxynth VSTi v2.0 Voxengo HarmoniEQ VST v2.2
MHC Fatsondo VSTi v2.0 Voxengo Impulse Modeler v1.9
Minnetonka Audio Dolby E Encoder VST RTAS v1.7 Voxengo Lampthruster VST v2.3
Minnetonka Audio Dolby E Decoder VST RTAS v1.6.1 Voxengo LF Max Punch VST v1.4
Minnetonka Audio Dolby E Stream Player VST RTAS v1.4 Voxengo Marquis Compressor VST v1.4
Minnetonka Audio Dolby Pro Logic II VST RTAS v2.5.1 Voxengo MarvelEQ VST v1.0
Muon Electron VSTi DXi v1.12 Voxengo PHA979 VST v2.2
Muon Tau Bassline Mk2 VSTi v1.0 Voxengo Polysquasher VST v2.4
Muon Tau Pro VSTi DXi v1.1 Voxengo Pristine Space VST v1.7.2
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Bundle RTAS v2.0 Voxengo Redunoise VST v1.5
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Bundle VST v2.0 Voxengo Sonic Finalizer VST v1.2A
NomadFactory Essential Studio Suite VST v1.5 Voxengo Soniformer VST v3.3
NomadFactory Retrology M-Tone EQ VST RTAS v1.0 Voxengo Spatifier VST VST3 v1.1
NomadFactory Rock Amp Legends RTAS v1.0 Voxengo TransGainer VST v1.1
NomadFactory Rock Amp Legends VST v1.0 Voxengo TransModder VST v1.5
NomadFactory Free Bundle VST v1.6 Voxengo VariSaturator VST v1.8
NomadFactory Liquid Bundle VST RTAS v2.4 Voxengo Vintage Modulator VST v1.3
NomadFactory Limiting Amplifier LM-662 VST RTAS v1.1 Voxengo Voxformer VST v2.7
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox VST RTAS v1.0 Voxengo Warmifier VST v2.0
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack VST RTAS v3.2 Waldorf Attack VSTi v1.2.1
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Effects Pack VST RTAS v3.2 Waldorf D-Coder v1.0 VSTi Factory Presets Add-on
NomadFactory Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack VST RTAS v3.2 Waldorf D-pole
NomadFactory BlueVerb DRV-2080 VST RTAS v1.4 Waldorf PPG Wave 2V 1.2
NomadFactory Program Equalizer EQP-4 VST RTAS v1.3 WaveArts FinalPlug VST DX RTAS v5.2
NomadFactory Studio Channel SC-226 VST RTAS v1.3 WaveArts PowerCouple DX VST v4.03
Novation Bass-Station VSTi v1.4 WaveArts PowerSuite VST DX RTAS v5.4.9
Novation V-Station VSTi v1.4 WaveArts TrackPlug VST DX RTAS v5.2
Novuzeit Motile VST v1.0 WaveArts WaveSurround DX VST v4.03
Novuzeit PropheSea VSTi v1.0 WaveArts Master Restoration VST DX RTAS v5.4.9
Novuzeit The Hands Of Darkness CLENCHED VSTi v1.5 WaveArts MasterVerb VST DX RTAS v5.2
NuGen Audio Monofilter VST v3.1 WaveArts MultiDynamics VST DX RTAS v5.2
NuGen Audio Stereoizer VST v2.3 WaveArts Panorama VST DX RTAS v5.2
NuGen Audio Stereoplacer VST v2.1 WaveArts TubeSaturator VST DX RTAS v1.0.2
NuGen Audio Visualizer VST v1.0 Waves Complete VST VST3 RTAS v9r30
NUSofting Morphing Delay v2.1 White Noise Additive Synth VSTi v1.31
NUSofting HarpTime Pro v1.5 White Noise Zero Vector VSTi v1.1
Ohmforce Hematohm Pro VST v1.25 Wizoo Verb W2 VST RTAS v1.0
Ohmforce Symptohm Melohman VSTi v1.0 Wizoo Verb W5 VST v1.0
Ohmforce Hematohm Pro DX v1.22 WWAYM NWBass VSTi v2.0
Ohmforce Mobilohm Pro DX v1.12 WWAYM NWEQDJ VST v1.1
Ohmforce Mobilohm Pro VST v1.12 WWAYM nWsynth VSTi v1.0
Ohmforce Ohmboyz Pro DX v1.42 WWAYM Dynamix VST v1.5
Ohmforce Predatohm Pro DX v1.32 Xponaut VoiceTweaker VST v4.1.0.5
Ohmforce Predatohm Pro VST v1.35 Yamaha 01X Channel Module VST v1.0
Ohmforce Quad Frohmage Pro DX v1.20 Yamaha Final Master VST v1.0
Ohmforce Quad Frohmage Pro VST v1.20 Yamaha Pitch Fix VST v1.03
  Yamaha S-YXG50 VSTi v1.0
  Yamaha Vocal Rack v1.0

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