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Lost Excel password and cannot open your protected Excel worksheet? This tutorial will show you how to crack Excel password with Daossoft Excel Password Recovery. This is a fast Excel Password Recovery tool which can help crack any complex password via four powerful attacking methods. It is a must-in-hand tool for cracking a Excel password when the data in the worksheet is valuable. Usually the password will be lost when owner, employee, is gone. Excel Password Recovery can crack Excel 2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/97 password fastly for its four powerful attack methods and highly-enhanced low-level code. Now let's see how to crack a lost Excel password:

Step 1. Purchase Excel Password Recovery full version and install it on your computer which runs Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, 2008, 2003 etc.

Free trial version can be download from our website. It can crack any password with less than three digits and help users to run the software and check out all the features.

Step 2. Import a locked Excel document which you want to crack its password:

Click "Open" button (or select the "File | Open File" menu item).

Open the lost excel password file

When an Open File Dialog pops up, select your target Excel document and click "Open".

Select the lost excel password file

Step 3. Choose an attack method to crack Excel password.

There are four attack solutions in our program for cracking a lost password: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack. Useful functions ware wrapped in one application. Find out your lost password quickly in any situation.

Select an Attack to recover excel password

Step 4. Select the most appropriate Attack settings and click Start button to find out the original password quickly. Four solutions are list below:

Solution 1: Brute-force Attack, the program will try all possible character combinations in the specified Range. You can set the range by selecting some available options: caps latin, small latin, digits, special symbol, space, all printable and password lenth. For instance, if you still remember that your password was made up with 6 characters and for digits only, you can select digits for the range and set seach lenth. This may greatly reduce the time for finding out original password.

Attack Settings with Excel Password Recovery

Set search lenth on "Length" Option, then the program will try all passwords combinations whose length is in the range you set.
Minimal password length: Set the minimum password length.
Maximal password length: Set the maximum password length.

Click Start button on menubar to start cracking password when you finish your settings and the program will find out the correct password for you automatically!

Password length settings with Excel Password Recovery

Solution 2: Mask Attack: If you remember some characters of your password, it is helpful to shortten the cracking time. All character types and password lenth option are also available in this attack, you can select some appropriate options. In addition, you must offer some password symbols which you can remember. Give the symbols you remembered, replace the unkown symbols with "?" as ac???ab. OK, click Start button and the program will try three characters instead of seven, so it will crack the password more faster.

Mask Attack with Excel Password Recovery

Solution 3: Dictionary Attack:

Dictionary Attack with Excel Password Recovery

"Dictionary" Settings: A name or word were usually used as a password. This Attack verifies the words stored in the specified Dictionary File. We has supplied a small Dictionary File containing common English words. It also supports self created dictionary.
Choose Dictionary Attack and select the desired dictionary file. In addition, you also can select an option "Smart mutations" or "Try all possible upper/lower case combinations". Then click Start button to start cracking.

Dictionary settings with Excel Password Recovery

Solution 4: Smart Attack: If you choose this attack, all settings are set by default. And the program will try all password combinations untill find out the correct password of your Excel document. You don't need to change any settings and simply click Start button to recover Excel password.

Step 5. When you successfully crack the excel password with Excel Password Recovery, the correct password will be displayed on following dialog. You can copy it and use it to open your Excel document.

Success recover excel Password


In Addition: How to Register Excel Password Recovery?

Click buy now button on website and complete the payment, you will recieve an email with registration code and retail version in it. Install the retail version and run it, click Help | Register, type in your registration code and click Register.

register Excel Password Recovery



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