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TimeClick© allows users to install the program onto any number of computers across your network or in remote locations, giving you the flexibility to pick the right license for your company. And if you find you need TimeClick to be accessible on more workstations to track employee time cards, upgrading is easy. Since technology is constantly improving, companies often need to upgrade their hardware and add new computers. You are allowed to move your TimeClick licenses around as often as you need. However, as this occurs, you need to unregister the old computer to free up the license for the new one.

If you need to take a computer off your license count, the process is simple:

1. Open TimeClick
2. Enter Administration Mode (enter Administration Password)
3. Select Utilities
4. Select Unregister Workstation
5. Select Unregister



Unregister WS

After you’ve unregistered the computer you can uninstall TimeClick as you would uninstall any program. It’s important to note that simply uninstalling TimeClick does NOT unregister the workstation from your license count; you must unregister the workstation through the process shown above.

Unfortunately things like system crashes or unexpected damage can make it difficult or impossible to unregister a workstation. If this happens, our support team can help. If you have exceeded your license limit and you have had a registered computer crash or become impossible to unregister, you can call or email our support team to reset your license count. Resetting TimeClick’s license count is covered by our Annual Support Plan but we understand that emergency situations do exist and we offer a one-time license reset as a courtesy to our customers who do not have a support plan.

To begin, you will need to log onto TimeClick on the computer it was installed on. This is usually installed on the server and is a grey icon.

1. Open TimeClick
2. Open Administration Mode (enter Administration Password)
3. Select Utilities
4. Select Transfer Key
5. Select Unregister Now
6. Make sure to write down the transfer key. You will need to give it to the support team.
7. Re-open TimeClick
8. Select Register now

At this point you will need to either call or email our support team (435.753.4102 or ) to give them the transfer key. Our support team will respond with your registration code and you will be able to enter that in and reregister your copy of TimeClick. Be sure to select the correct number of stations that matches the number of licenses you purchased.

After that, your license count will be reset and every workstation that opens TimeClick will claim a license on a first come, first served basis. There is no need to register your workstations; they will claim a license automatically.

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