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Thesis can be an incredible piece of work, especially with the right thesis statement. Usually students who study philosophy need to be more careful with their papers, because as we will mention later � they need reasoned defense of a claim. No way around it. The thing with writing assignments is that they are pretty important in getting the diploma that you want. Because of this all of the papers need to be handed in on time and well written. Our custom writing service prepared this page to give general information about structure of thesis and thesis statement, what to avoid and what to include. Moreover, you can jump over to the sample Political Philosophy if you want to see what we offer.

Thesis paper in Political Philosophy

A philosophical paper is different from other academic papers because it consists of a reasoned defense of a claim. The paper must offer an argument and provide the reasons as to why you believe in the claim. Therefore, you have to present the reasons for every claim you make in an explicit manner. Never overestimate the strength of your position on a certain argument. Therefore, you need to support it with enough evidence.

The most crucial part of the paper is the thesis statement. It tells the reader your position on a certain topic and offers reasons for that standpoint. The rest of the document defends the thesis statement, and supports it. Thus, it is crucial to develop a strong thesis statement.

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Constructing a Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is made up of one or two sentences and asserts your position on the topic you are dealing with and the position you support your argument. It appears in the introduction of the paper towards the end of the first or the second paragraph. Never start the first paragraph of your document with the thesis statement. Before developing the thesis statement, first determine your position on the topic. To make the process easier, thoroughly review all the relevant literature materials. Carefully analyze and evaluate the arguments from both sides of the argument, this helps you develop your take on the topic.

Clearly define the thesis statement before you begin to write the paper because it offers the guidelines to write the rest of the journal. Every passage written must build the thesis statement. The statement means that you cannot write a successful paper if you lack a working thesis statement. It is very crucial to use the thesis statement to narrow down the focus of your document to something manageable. Let the statement be an interesting allegation, one that reasonable people may tend to disagree with. The last thing to consider is the scope of the declaration. Let the thesis define a sharp focus by stating the reasons for making your claims.

The Structure of the Paper

Thesis paper takes the following structure

  • Introduction - the introduction is the most crucial part of the document because it guides the reader. It makes it easier for the reader to follow and understand the article. Therefore, you need to include an explicit statement of your argument. Provide the definition of all the terminologies that any reader may need to understand in this section. Make sure that your introduction maps out the structure of the document. It also explains the order in which you argue about various points in explaining how they link together to form a coherent thesis.
  • The body - a) an elucidation of the observations, perceptions, and perspectives to build the discussion. b) Your argument supporting the thesis and claims. c) Contemplation of protestations and counterarguments together with your response to them. Every paragraph in the body of the paper must represent a single idea or a group of related ideas. Every section should bring the reader a step closer to accepting your thesis and the dynamism of your point of view. The paragraphs should, therefore, get arranged in the proper order to ensure an appropriate flow of ideas. To ensure that every section is effective, start by constructing its topic sentence.
  • Conclusion - The end of the thesis must restate your thesis statement and a summary of your arguments. Never copy your introduction as your conclusion. Be sure to make a final effort to convince the reader that you established your thesis statement and offered a reasonable argument to defend it. Also, discuss the implications and limitations of your argument in the conclusion. In case there are issues that your paper was unable to solve or some questions that your arguments raised, it is good to raise them in the conclusion.

How to make the structure of your thesis perspicuous

Every good philosophy paper must have paragraphs with logical structures. The points and arguments in every paragraph must have a real structure, and the structure is made apparent to the reader. Every section must take a clear place in the whole argument. The sentences in each paragraph must join. The flow from a single sentence to the next must flow smoothly. You can achieve the smooth flow through;

  • Repetition of used keywords and phrases. Being consistent when referring to the key theories and concepts helps to bind a paragraph together.
  • Use of pronouns when referring to the nouns mentioned earlier in the paragraph.
  • Create a parallel structure by constructing two or more phrases with similar grammatical structures or those that use the same parts of speech.
  • Make use of transitional or bridging words. They help the reader to follow the logical path of the paragraph.

Your writing ought to be precise and clear. Always avoid difficult words and wordy sentences; instead, use simple and clear language. Avoid sophisticated writing styles and vocabularies that are hard to understand. Leave all the sentences clear and assume that you are communicating with someone who is unfamiliar with the topic. Keep your prose simple and direct to ensure you write in a clear and precise manner.

Avoid overusing quotations to state your points, rather explain issues using your words. The ability to explain other people�s ideas using your own demonstrates to the reader that you have a clear understanding of the topic. You should also avoid paraphrasing texts from the cited sources. Finally, use quotations only when you want to explain and discuss the quoted arguments and how they support your thesis statement.

Philosophy Thesis Statement Example

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Do you propose/oppose the communist revolution is suitable in the 21st Century? Justify your stand.

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