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Oscar's Renamer PRO (Evaluation Version)

Platform: XP, Vista, W7 (32/64 bit)
Size: 3 MB

Version: 2.0.1 (10/SEP/2012)

This Evaluation Version is fully functional and doesn't expire. It features Macro recording, shell integration and the new Micro Script. Evaluation version displays a nag screen on the start.

What's new in 2.0.1: Fixed recording macros for DEL and Back, also records CTR+K,U,L,J,N for changing case

Friendly License:

The full version cost only and it will be yours forever, all updates are free forever, no nag screens. You can install it on all your home computers without paying any additional fees. No activation, no jumping through hoops. Easy deal!
(Commercial usage: Single computer license is the same as above, for site license, please contact us)

This file works for Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit and W7 32/64 bit

  • Renamer PRO Evaluation version: renamerpro.exe (3MB) from Mediachance

Update: If you previously purchased full version use your personal link that was sent to you by email to update to the newest version

Oscar's Renamer  (old XP free version)

Platform: XP
Size: 0.5 MB

Version: 1.2 (FREE)

Limitations:: This is the old 100% free XP version of Oscar's Renamer that is dated back to 2001.
It reliably works only on Windows XP. On Vista and W7 recording macro will freeze your keyboard/mouse, please use the PRO version!

This old version doesn't have other features found in PRO like micro script.

This file works only for Windows XP

  • Renamer XP FREE: renamerfree.exe (0.5MB) from Mediachance


This old XP file works for Windows XP.



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